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Release date: 
September 8, 2015
Total songs: 
Country, Folk
Play Pretty Boy Floyd

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Wide Awake In the Sleeping Cabin

This scribe has long considered New Country Rehab one of Canada's very best roots-rock/outlaw country bands, and one deserving of wider success (their talent has been recognized in the States after plenty of gigging there). Listening to their new EP Wide Awake In The Sleeping Cabin (the follow-up to killer 2013 album Ghosts Of Your Charms) hasn't changed that view. NCR are led by singer/songwriter/fiddle virtuoso John Showman, a Juno winner via Creaking Tree String Quartet. He shows his rockier side in NCR, to fine effect. The EP was recorded at Blue Rodeo’s Woodshed Studio, and the new original tunes were cut to 2-inch tape, recorded by Stew Crookes. "Pretty Boy Floyd" brings a mythic historic figure back to life, and the other tracks are equally strong. Showman describes this record as "road music full of twisted tales". For more info go to newcountryrehab.com/wideawake.

NCR play three dates in Alberta (Sept. 17-19) and have an Oct. 9 show at Junction City Music Hall in Toronto. Check their site for details.