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Release date: 
July 22, 2014
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Hip Hop/Rap
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WiLD4TheNight (EgoLand) - Single

One of Canada’s top marquee hip-hop heroes, k-os, is set to release a sixth full-length, Can’t Fly Without Gravity, sometime in early 2015. It will also be his first through his new label, Dine Alone Records. The news is somewhat unexpected, especially considering how long he laboured over his last effort, the underrated BLack on BLonde.

The first single from the upcoming record, “WiLD4TheNight (Egoland)”, was inspired by a return to his Trinidadian roots. “Let’s keep it real: most of us Canadian MCs rap like Americans,” he said in a press statement. “We all do it! With ‘WiLD4TheNight', I learned that if you present West Indian culture in your art and it’s authentic—not a typecast or pigeonholed version—that’s going to be something way more culturally impactful and real than if you’re trying to mimic what you’re hearing on radio stations coming from America.”

For the artist born Kevin Brereton, this meant eschewing the pop-slant to his brand of hip-hop that made “Crabbuckit” a massive hit a decade ago. It might not be as hook-heavy, but it certainly feels authentic. Stream the track over on Soundcloud.

Live dates include July 25 at Exhibition Place for Toronto’s Festival of Beer and August 9 at Frontenac Islands.