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Release date: 
November 2, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Crown of Flies

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Windows Wide Open

After showing his potential on two earlier EPs, folk songsmith Benjamin Hermann comes up with a truly dazzling full-length debut album, Windows Wide Open. He has a very warm and intimate voice, one that easily draws you into his well-travelled universe, and he's also very fluent on guitar. A current reference point would be Glen Hansard, but we'd also suggest English folk greats Nick Drake and John Martyn. The album was written and recorded in Mexico, Wells, BC and Toronto. This is a talent to track very closely. Of note: Hermann is also a member of The Dana Sipos Band and Ronley Tepers Lipliners, as a drummer.

He celebrated the release of the album with a show at The Burdock in Toronto last week that we attended. Those spied there included Andrew Penner (Sunparlour Players) and Roaring Girl Records head Miranda Mulholland, who also guested onstage as well as on the album. Hermann has another T.O. gig at The Holy Oak on Dec. 1.