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Release date: 
September 2, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Toronto rock band WISH are headed by Kyle Connolly, bassist with highly-regarded combo Beliefs, and the lineup also features that band's Josh Korody (who co-produces) and members of Milk Lines and Peter Gosling. As with Beliefs, the sound of this eponymous debut follows a shoegaze/dream-pop direction (propulsive rhythm section meets blurry guitars), but with enough twists to keep things interesting. Connolly's compositions are strong, and the fact the album was recorded in just two days gives it a spontaneous (but not sloppy) vibe. Fine stuff.

WISH play The Horseshoe in Toronto on Sept. 11 (with Dirty Nil) and Hamilton's Supercrawl on Sept. 13.