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Release date: 
June 5, 2012
Total songs: 
Play Whiskey Is the Life of a Man

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Toronto’s Pork-pie hatted poetic bluesman Paul Reddick shakes ‘n’ stirs an intoxicating cocktail of Chicago and Mississippi Delta blues turned  in to gold by the Stones on Decca, John Mayall in London and Laurel Canyon, and  boogie-rocked into a commercial soundtrack by Canned Heat. Wishbone is possibly the album Keith Richards may have wished he had made. It’s also Reddick’s seventh (counting three with his old band, The Sidemen) that is parts Kerouac and Spillane, about good men born under bad signs, aimless highways markered by failed loves, and haunted with whisky-fuelled dreams sodden with regret. The cast of hired guns snap crackle and pop as Reddick effortlessly shoots from the hip with story-telling verse about lonely days and lustful nights. The ensemble is deadly in combination with his plaintive vocals and spaghetti-western harp. Best tracks include “The Other Man”, “The Ballad of Wishbone”, “Luna Moth & Butterfly”, “I Have Lived You Long” and “Take Me Ruby”.

David Farrell