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July 21, 2015
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Play Woman
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Woman - Single

While You + Me, the collaborative project between P!nk and City and Colour’s Dallas Green, was an undisputed success late last year (their debut album peaked at #1 in Canada, #4 in the U.S.), it was always expected to be an interesting artistic aside. Both artists would eventually get back to their main gigs – but we didn’t expect such a fast follow-up. This week on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio show, host Zane Lowe premiered a new City and Colour track, “Woman”. At an extended nine-minute running time and almost Pink Floyd-esque psychedelic rock flourishes, it’s greatly unlike anything C and C has released prior. It also serves as an effective showcase for the playing of Green’s backing touring band; Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs, Dead Weather) on bass, Dante Schwebel (Spanish Gold, Dan Auerbach) on guitar, Doug MacGregor (Constantines) on drums and Matt Kelly on pedal steel guitar and keys, appearing on a studio cut for the first time. They also made the cut for a forthcoming studio album, If I Should Go Before You, the fifth full-length under the City and Colour title.

“They inspired me to want to create new music, just to create it with them—I don’t think I wrote these songs for the band, per se, but I certainly wrote them because of the band,” Green stated in a press release. “Anybody who has seen us play will understand that this is the best representation of what we do live that we have ever recorded. I was so excited about being able to make and record an album with these guys that it just flowed. I felt so confident about their abilities to make all of my ideas come true.”

If I Should Go Before You is due October 9 through Dine Alone Records.

No Canadian tour dates are currently scheduled for City and Colour, but Dallas Green will perform with his recently reunited band, Alexisonfire, on August 7 in QC for Heavy Montreal, September 5 in Edmonton for Sonic Boom Fest, Sept 6 in Calgary for X Fest Calgary, and September 19-20 in Toronto for Riot Fest. More info can be found here