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Release date: 
September 15, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Proper Burial (ft. Carmen Elle)

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Fresh Snow made an auspicious beginning with 2013's debut album “I", which notched a spot on the Polaris longlist and near-unanimous rave reviews. The primarily instrumental quartet have drawn comparisons to Mogwai and Godspeed with their dynamic and compelling post-rock stylings. On new mini-album WON (out on the awesome Hand Drawn Dracula label), they recruit a couple of star guest vocalists, Carmen Elle of DIANA (on "Proper Burial") and Fucked Up's Damian Abraham (on the epic closer "Don't ***** A Gift Horse In The Mouth"). Like the sight of Fresh Snow, this will quicken your pulse in a bracing manner.

The band recently played Hamilton's Supercrawl and Pop Montreal, with hopefully more gigs to follow.