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July 22, 2014
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Won't Turn Back - Single

On June 30, the long-running alt. rock group Our Lady Peace announced that founding member/drummer Jeremy Taggart would be leaving the band after 21 years. While it’s not clear whether or not he played on the new single, “Won’t Turn Back”, the news coupled with the release certainly feels like a turning point in the band’s career. Gone are the angsty, bitter vibes that dominated 1997’s colossal hit Clumsy, replaced by uncharacteristic major-key melodies and dance rhythms. It’s an understandable sonic shift, especially at a time when Imagine Dragons could beat out Queens of the Stone Age for Best Rock Performance at the Grammys. This similar move worked out extremely well for Finger Eleven several years ago with "Paralyzer", and there’s no reason that Raine Maida and co. can’t spin it into a success. Post-grunge seems distant in 2014’s rearview mirror – best we view new OLP as a separate entity, wholly distinct from what came before.

Look out for “Won’t Turn Back” on an upcoming ninth record, date and title TBD.

Upcoming Canadian live dates include Festivent Ville de Levis in QC July 30, Mussel Bed Soiree in Lewisport NFLD August 9, and Edgefest in Toronto August 16.