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Release date: 
April 28, 2015
Total songs: 
Play The Edge of the World (Part 1)

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Written On the Wind

Fergus Hambleton is best known as the leader of popular pop-reggae veterans The Sattalites, but he also long been a skilled singer/songwriter solo artist and has released albums under his own name. His talents are again showcased on a strong new collection of songs, Written On The Wind. The warm and melodic quality of his voice remains, and tracks like "She's Gone Away" wouldn't seem out of place on a Sattalites record. The gorgeous "The Edge Of The World" sounds like it could become a new pop standard. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, he plays fluent sax, keyboards and guitar, and his cause is aided by such ace players as Gary Craig, Tim Bovaconti, and George Koller, who co-produced the disc with Hambleton. A fine sunny-sounding accompaniment for summer patio parties.

Hambleton launched the album at Toronto's Hugh's Room earlier this week.