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October 25, 2012
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Synth-pop trio Parallels delivers an album that presents smooth electronica and disco beats rather than aggressive glitch work that currently plagues the EDM scene. The group is made up of  vocalist/keyboardist Holly Dodson (whose father is Rich Dodson of famed '70s rock band The Stampeders), Nick Dodson (drums) and Artem Galperine ( keyboards).. The electro outfit seemingly favours '80s-inspired keyboard arrangements and light drums, digital synths and an ample vocoder help to form a debut that haunts rather than intimidates the listener. Dodson's vocals sound sometimes like Kate Bush and sometimes like Madonna.  For those who enjoy moody, distorted electro fusions this is a front-to-end music odyssey worth indulging in. "Time Will Crawl", "Dover" and "Things Fall Apart" are mesmerizing offerings. The first single is a great electro-pop cover of Gowan's "Moonlight Desires". Steam the album on their website : parallels.fm. Spinner, the Globe & Mail, John Sakamoto at the Toronto Star and NME have all enthused over Dodson's voice and the band.