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Release date: 
September 1, 2015
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You Can Count On Me

Yes, they are real brothers. Comprising Shawn and Aaron, The Karpinka Brothers are a folk music duo whose sweet harmonies, fluent picking and well-crafted accessible songs mark them as an act to watch. They made a mark earlier with 2008 debut One Brick At A Time and 2012's There's A Light, scoring CBC and campus radio play, and they now up the ante with You Can Count On Me. Early fans of the new record include Alan Cross and No Depression. The pair's prowess on mandolin, dobro, banjo and pedal steel imparts a rootsy vibe, but there's also a classic Buddy Holly meets the Everlys feel to their melodies. Fans of Milk Carton Kids should definitely check them out. There'll be a limited pressing of the album in gold vinyl.

They begin a cross-Canada tour (plus NYC gigs) at The Fat Badger in Regina on Sept. 10, Check their site for details.