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May 1, 2012
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Play Youth Without Youth - Single
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Youth Without Youth - Single

The first single off the upcoming record, Synthetica, due out June 12th 2012, talks about a young child and the growth of the child from simple life to crime life. Haines and Shaw describe it as "70's sleaze" and you can hear the full commentary and background to the single here.  The song is refreshingly different and still sticks with the common story-rich thread that Metric has become known for. You'll probably have it on repeat for a while. Watch the YouTube clip about the making of the track here. It's raw.

Also, If you buy a ticket to one of the headlining shows you will receive a download of "Youth Without Youth" and digital copies of both Synthetica and five Synthetica Reflections tracks, delivered on release day. Incentives people. Incentives.