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June 2, 2015
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You've Changed - Single

Laura Sauvage is the just unveiled new solo project from Vivianne Roy, of Acadian indie folk-rockers Les Hay Babies. That group won les Francouvertes in Montreal in 2013, toured Europe extensively, notched multiple  East Coast Music Award nominations and won the French Songwriters of the Year Award at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Based on the strength of her debut solo single, "You've Changed", similar acclaim may well be in store for Sauvage. The track (co-produced by Sauvage and bassist Dany Placard) is a melodic and dynamic treat, and reminds us a little of Alvvays.  We eagerly await her first EP, scheduled for fall.

Les Hay Babies are still very active, playing plenty of summer dates, including at Panamania in Toronto (July 19) and Sappy Fest in Sackville (Aug. 2). For a full itinerary, go here