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August 11, 2015
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Over the past few months, Toronto quartet Fake Palms has been slowly teasing peeks at its self-titled debut via the Soundcloud of their label, Toronto’s Buzz Records. “YTMATLDPH”, the impenetrably-titled third tune from the band, sees them solidify an already signature sound: anvil-hammered backbeats, cascading trebly guitar licks, clever odd-time measures, and plenty of surprising vocal ear candy…all bathed in saturated reverb. According to band leader Michael Le Riche, the song is based on a dream “where Brian Wilson was writing songs for The Stooges.”

As a literal interpretation of the phrase “noise pop” — the Stooges-meets-Beach-Boys label usually attached to Fake Palms’ music — it’s a massive success. But as pleasing as the group’s sense of power and sonic manipulation is, the fact that “YTMATLDPH” is still a good little tune is what makes the impending arrival of their LP so exciting. Buzz Records’ young roster is already full of acts that specialize in varying styles of sonic self-sabotage, but Fake Palms’ approach is one that perhaps plays best with inherent dichotomies: heavy/breezy; dark/sparkly; circular/straight-ahead. It’s a gobstopper of a tune — this act will be a local fave of many by the year’s end.

An eastern/mid-western North American tour launches August 22nd in Montreal, with dates in Toronto and London (Sept. 10th & 12th) at the end.