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Release date: 
February 10, 2015
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Play Zero In the City
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Zero in the City - Single

The Great Lake Swimmers are now firmly entrenched as one of Canada's very best roots-based bands, status validated by 2012 album New Wild Everywhere. GLS mainman/singer/songwriter Tony Dekker detoured in 2013 with solo album Prayer Of The Woods, but he has now reassembled the flotilla. Keenly-awaited new album A Forest of Arms will surface on April 21, preceded by a just-released new track, "Zero in the City". Dekker's slightly fragile and haunting voice is again showcased, framed nicely by backing vocals, rich orchestration, and Miranda Mulholland's fluent violin. Look for environmental themes to be explored on the upcoming album.

GLS play The Oakville Centre in Oakville on Feb. 27, with a 16-date cross-country tour to follow, beginning in April. Check their website for details.