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Video of the moment

Every week we select a music video by a Canadian group or artist who have recently been reviewed by our editorial team. If you'd like to suggest a video for consideration, you can send us a message using this form.

Led by Torontonian Allyson Baker, San Francisco-based synth-edged punk rockers Dirty Ghosts have attracted a growing and loyal following. Look for that to expand when Last Gang Records put out their keenly-awaited new album, Let It Pretend, on October 2.

Back in July the band put out an EP, Cataract, and its title track drew a rave review from NCM's Noah Siegel. He wrote that "the grimy cut is a nod to the ‘80s San-Fran synthpunk scene (Chrome being a solid reference point), armed with angular guitar riffs and driving rhythms, but not without a modern pop slant and memorable hooks."

"Cataract" will be included on the upcoming album, and a hugely entertaining video clip for it came out this week, premiering on the very popular Adult Swim channel. A press release notes that "director Derrick Beckles brings his celebrated and wonderfully bent style and approach to yet another one of his addictive, visual fever dreams". 

Beckles (aka Pinky Carnage) chimes in on the clip too. "Making a video for a song that digs onto your mind is never not delicious. I wanted to create a landscape that barfed a degraded, pixel rainbow of video delight and I am pleased to present the video for 'Cataract' by Dirty Ghosts. I hope it touches you in your appropriate saucy places." 

That it does, for the clip is a colourful and inventive treat. It stars a decidedly unphotogenic, chubby and under-dressed male dancing and cavorting around. One viewer queried whether it was Randy from Trailer Park Boys. No, but close. Thankfully, Baker is far easier on the eyes!

A Canadian writer/director/actor/comedian, Beckles has an interesting cv that includes being in punk bands early on, then playing a key role in the formation of VICE magazine. He helped found Vice TV, has directed other music videos, is the host of the Adult Swim television show Hot Package, and the creator of the TV Carnage compilations.

Dirty Ghosts have now booked an extensive North American tour in support of Let It Pretend. It includes two Canadian dates: Oct. 11 at Toronto's Danforth Music Hall and Oct. 13 at Ottawa's Dominion Tavern.

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