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Video of the moment

Every week we select a music video by a Canadian group or artist who have recently been reviewed by our editorial team. If you'd like to suggest a video for consideration, you can send us a message using this form.

Last week NCM's Noah Siegel reviewed the new single from Regina-based indie-rockers Rah Rah, "Chip Off The Heart". This scribe seconds his sentiments, finding the track to be an irresistible and enjoyable earworm.

The upbeat vibe of the tune is now captured in a bright and trippy new video, put together by Dynasty Artists Picture Corp. In a label press release, Dynasty's Chris Laxton describes the mandate of the video: "Inspired from the band's visuals online, we ran with the look of the cosmos taking creative liberties and conjuring up a psychedelic world that reflects the esoteric lyrics of this break-up song. The constantly moving and forever evolving visuals take us from the vastness of space to the confines of a dense forest and back again, reminding us that we are the creators of our own reality. So in other words, enjoy the ride and don't panic." It's very easy to enjoy the ride offered by both the clip and the song.

'Chip Off The Heart' is Rah Rah's second single off their upcoming album Vessels, one to be released via Hidden Pony Records on September 11. The album was produced by the very busy production team of Gus Van Go and Werner F (Said the Whale, Hollerado, The Stills).  Rah Rah have also confirmed a number of tour dates for September. They support the Sam Roberts Band at Kee To Bala, Bala, ON (Sept. 5-6), headline Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern on Sept. 11, join Hamilton's Supercrawl on Sept. 12, and play the Fredericton Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival (Sept. 19).

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