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Video of the moment

Every week we select a music video by a Canadian group or artist who have recently been reviewed by our editorial team. If you'd like to suggest a video for consideration, you can send us a message using this form.

Melodic and retro-accented rockers Yukon Blonde are still basking in the warm glow of the positive reviews scored by their latest album On Blonde, and the band have now just posted a new video for one of its many stand-out cuts, "I Wanna Be Your Man". Given the generally sunny persona of Yukon Blonde, the video is a somewhat surprising trip to the dark side. 

It is directed by Mac Boucher, who happens to be the brother of current indie pop 'It' girl Grimes (Claire Boucher). Mac has grabbed eyeballs with his videos for Grimes' recent "Flesh Without Blood / Life In The Vivid Dream" and Tei Shei's "M&M's". In a label press release re "I Wanna Be Your Man", Boucher notes that the video “playfully makes fun of the male gaze and traditionalism. Satanic symbolism and the de-robing of religious uniform denounces the role of some patriarchal figurehead. The chopping of wood and digging of holes represents violent penetration compared to the rhythmic movements in the peach orchard...it's supposed to be a video that looks beautiful, is edited with humour, and makes absolutely zero sense to the passive observer."

It starts off innocently enough, with a yacht and babes on the beach, but soon turns sinister as well as sensual. See for yourself whether it makes more than zero sense.

Along with Hey Rosetta!, Yukon Blonde are now in the middle of a 16-date cross-Canada tour (plus shows in Minneapolis and Chicago), one concluding with three nights at holy Heart Theatre in St. John's. Check their site for a full itinerary.

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