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Video of the moment

Every week we select a music video by a Canadian group or artist who have recently been reviewed by our editorial team. If you'd like to suggest a video for consideration, you can send us a message using this form.

Here at NCM, we're big fans of feisty Montreal rock 'n rollers Le Trouble. We're not alone, as they've been winning converts south of the border too, especially with latest album Reality Strikes. Set to win over more followers to the cause is the eye-catching new video for one of its tracks, "Real Talk (Part 2)". The clip is designed to simulate a video game, with a plot synopsis as follows: "Two years after The Event, chaos rules. Wayward hobos form bands. One such band is Le Trouble. Their muse and only fan Cinnamon Bizu, on her way to get some Soylent Green Burgers is kidnapped by the notorius Baby Brutus. Conflicts are fought out in videogame levels against hipster foes such as sriracha, tofu, a tiny winking cactus, bad breath and giant babies. All die." The result is just as hilarious as that suggests. The actual song is catchy as hell, even if the lyrical theme is rather dark. The band explains "its about admitting that you're both wanting more from each other... and that whatever got you together has been buried under a thousand tiny cruelties.... too far gone to get back. The kind thing is to kill it". Best not to focus on that theme too much, but rather revel in the entertaining sound and vision. This is (le) trouble worth getting into.

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