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Video of the moment

Every week we select a music video by a Canadian group or artist who have recently been reviewed by our editorial team. If you'd like to suggest a video for consideration, you can send us a message using this form.

This scribe's favourite new holiday-themed album this year is Lit Up, from B.C.-based collective Astrocolor. I'm not alone in that view, for the record is earning raves from some major media outlets. Top Brit music mag Q termed it "2015’s most tasteful Christmas album”, while the New York Times called it "atmospheric holiday music for a contemporary palate”. Read the NCM review here.

The record is also currently being featured inflight on Air Canada, Virgin and British Airways.

Based in Victoria, BC, Astrocolor is a five-piece combo, and they brought in some talented guest vocalists for Lit Up: Kandle, Rykka, Antonia Freybe-Smith, and Abi Rose. The album was co-produced by Astrocolor and Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Dan Mangan, AC Newman). 

This week, their label, Last Gang Records, released the first proper video clip for an album track, "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer". It proves to be a very entertaining complement to the group's very cool take on a Christmas classic. A dub-inflected sax solo and wah-wah guitar is not orthodox instrumentation for a holiday song, but it works real well here. In the clip, the music serves as a soundtrack to a more traditional animated visual approach. Alongside his dancing reindeer, Santa shows off some nifty moves, and the short and sweet video is virtually guaranteed to light up a smile on your face.

The group perform Miracle On Douglas Street: A Christmas Party With Astrocolor at Northern Quarter in Victoria, BC, on Dec. 18. It's sure to be major fun.

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