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Video of the moment

Every week we select a music video by a Canadian group or artist who have recently been reviewed by our editorial team. If you'd like to suggest a video for consideration, you can send us a message using this form.

Got a case of the summertime blues? Cure that by checking out a clip we guarantee will put a smile on your dial, Stacey Kay's "Take A Ride". The ultra-bright and vivid colours of the video match the upbeat and vibrant vibe of the party-starting track perfectly and they showcase the larger than life charisma of Stacey. No surprise to learn that this talented singer/songwriter from Cambridge, ON, has shone on the improv comedy circuit as well as in performing alongside the likes of Jim Cuddy, David Usher, and Serena Ryder, touring in a production of Godspell, and singing in ace acappella group Eh440.

If this song and video is to your fancy, then check out the earlier clip for Stacey's first single, "Island Girl". Released last year, it has a Tom Hanks in Cast Away story line and a sunny Caribbean-inflected vibe. Another winner, the video has notched a mightily impressive 166k plays. NCM's David Farrell accurately described the song as "Bette Midler crossed with Cindy Lauper mixed with tropical rhythms a la Parachute Club".

Both tracks are from Kay's self-titled seven song EP, one totally worth investigating. Go to www.staceykaymusic.com for more.

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