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Release date: 
September 1, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Concealer is the new project of fine singer/songwriter Mark Davis. He shone on earlier solo albums and with the rootsy Old Reliable and deserved to find a larger audience. With the assistance of keyboardist Missmannered, he makes a dramatic sonic shift on debut album fêted:fetid. Shaped over the past five years, the new sound is self-described as "smashing together sleazy rock and proto-punk", with cited reference points including The Jesus and Mary Chain and Suicide. It's a compelling style worthy of attention. Scene veteran Lorrie Matheson co-produced and engineered, and the album appears on Coax Records, a new label created by fellow sonic explorer Rae Spoon.

The duo play Brixx in Edmonto on Sept. 4, Lana Lou's in Vancouver on Sept. 24 and 25, Copper Owl in Victoria on Sept. 26. For details of Eastern dates in November, check their site.